Instant mini campfire that’s portable and easy to light.
Fire It Up + S&
Fire It Up + S&
Fire It Up + S&
Fire It Up + S&
Fire It Up + S&
Fire It Up + S&
Fire It Up + S'mores Kit
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Winter 2021 Limited Edition


Hand Poured

in Vancouver, British Columbia

100% Vegan Soy

cotton wicks & phthalate free fragrance oils

Clean Burn

our 4oz candles burn for 23-25 hours

What People Are Saying


This one is so fresh and zingy, I use this in my kitchen to get rid of lingering cooking smells and it makes the air whole upstairs of my house feel super clean!

- Erika

I love baby powder smell. And this candle offers just that and more with the lavender notes. I am definitely will be purchasing this as a gift next time. This is a very unique smell that I haven't smelled elsewhere.

- Lubna

I was really pleasantly surprised by this one! It has a sweet, fruity, slightly tart scent that flows through the room effortlessly. Also, obsessed with the color of the wax, it's so beautiful to look at!

- Chloe

The candle burns so evenly (like all the White Deer candles), and there is no waste of wax build up on the sides of the tin like with other candles. I love this candle and will definitely be re-ordering once it's gone!

- Mariel

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