How to Make Soy Candles at Home

Learn how to make candles with Vancouver's best selling soy candle maker, Reema, owner of White Deer.

With just a few basic tools and ingredients, you can make your own natural soy candles at home! 


- soy wax (available at your local candle supply store or on Amazon)
- heatproof bowl
- sauce pan or pot 
- wooden spoon or spatula
- wick (you can buy these pre-tabbed or use a bit of hot glue)
- fragrance oil of your choice
- glass jar or tin container 
- candy thermometer
- pouring pitcher
- wick holder (you can also use a clothespin)
- optional: dye



1) Read these Instructions on how to calculate wax weight and fragrance load before you start. 

2) Place the soy wax flakes in a heatproof bowl and put the bowl on a pot that is about halfway full of water. The idea is to create a double boiler so you can gently melt the wax. Stir occasionally, until it is completely melted and heated to 190-200F. 

3) Add the fragrance and dye (dye is optional). Stir gently for 2 minutes and then remove from heat. 

4) While the wax is cooling, place a wick on the bottom of your container. You can buy pre-tabbed wicks or use a small dot of hot glue. To center the wick, you can purchase a wick holder or use a clothespin to hold it in place. The goal is to make sure the wick stays straight and centered so that the candle burns evenly.

5) Once the wax has cooled to 140F, gently tap the bottom of the pitcher against the counter to get rid of any air bubbles and slowly pour it into the container. Leave some room at the top. Please note that wax "shrinks" as it hardens so the level of wax will go down.

6) Let your candle harden overnight at room temperature. 

7) The next day, trim the wick to 1/4" and your soy candle is ready to burn!

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