I've always loved scented candles and making my house smell nice! However, I struggled to find a candle that was natural, affordable and smelled great. After one particularly disappointing batch of candles, I decided to see what I could come up with myself. 

White Deer comes from my name, Reema, which is Arabic and means white deer/gazelle. I also like the grace and beauty that a deer encompasses and have tried to bring those qualities to my candles.  

After spending months testing in my kitchen, I was finally able to create a candle that I was proud of! Eventually, I decided to add some color to my candles because like a cat attracted to shiny objects, I love bright colors!   

My candles are made for people that are looking for something that looks good, smells good and is affordable (because if you're like me, you go through candles like crazy!). 

For now, this business consists of me, myself and I. Whether it's creating a new scent, making the candles, buying supplies or preparing and shipping orders, I do it all!

All of my candles are hand poured in small batches and made with natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, lead free cotton wicks, and vegetable wax based dyes. These steps result in a natural, eco-friendly and clean burning candle that lasts a long time; you'll get anywhere from 22-25 hours out of these little 4oz guys! You won't get any black soot or tunneling and best of all, the packaging is recyclable and the tin containers can be cleaned and repurposed!

So what're you waiting for? Try one of my candles and light up your life!

- Reema